Product Summary:

Normal soil compaction discourages your grass from getting all the life-giving oxygen, water and nutrients needed for the best of lawns. The Core Plug Aerator will remove small plugs (cores) from the turf, relieving soil compaction. Shallow aeration will route the air, water and nutrients for best root development. Periodic aeration will even enhance the breakdown of thatch.


   The aerator easily front mounts to most full size zero turn mowers with a tractor specific hitch mechanism. The unit is designed for quick and easy shallow core aeration, using the weight of the tractor to penetrate the ground. The aerator is electrically actuated with an easy switch that mounts onto the control arms, you never have to remove your hands from the controls of your mower.


TRAC VAC Front Mnt. Core Plug Aerator

Features of Trac Vac Front Mount Core Plug Aerators:

 * 32" and 48" widths available.

* 12V electromechanical linear actuator.

* Easy flip up position for transport.

* Quick detach feature allows removal by pulling 2 pins and the actuator plug.

* Fully welded 3/16" angle iron construction.

* Bronze bushings with grease fittings.

* Independent core tine cluster rotation.

* 5/8" tines made of heat treated steel.

* Penetrates up to 2 1/2".

* 16" wide frame holds standard blocks if extra weight needed.