Product Summary:

    Thatch is an 
accumulation of dead
leaves, stems and roots
in a tight organic layer
over the soil surface. 
   Thatch reduces water
penetration, favors 
disease and reduces turf
   Trac Vac’s tow behind
lawn de-thatchers are 
designed to loosen the
thatch layer, dust and 
other debris, so it can
be removed from the
   De-thatching your lawn
improves aeration and 
promotes water and 
fertilizer absorption 
giving you a healthier 
















TRAC VAC Model 330,335 Dethatcher

Trac Vac De Thatcher

Trac Vac Tow Behind

De-Thatchers are available in a:

48” wide (Model 330)

56” wide (Model 335)


    Both units are made of an all steel construction with four rows of 3/16" spring steel tines. The hitch pin mount design can be towed behind without de-thatching by placing the lift handle in the transport position.