Product Summary:

The Model 560 Trac Vac is one of twenty or so powerful lawn vacuum systems offered by Midwest Equipment Mfg's to do an excellent job of picking up leaves, grass clippings and light litter necessary to give your grounds a well-cared-for appearance.

The highly efficient blower assembly mounts rigidly to the tractor with a unique continuous contact hitch.

The Model 560 comes standard with Trac Vac's tapered dump cart and all-steel cover, or may be used with other carts.  

The eleven cubic foot cart, tapered to facilitate dumping and custom designed cart cover expands collection capacity to approximately 30 cubic feet.

Mmanufactured from 20 Ga. Galvanized steel, providing for years of rust free service. The cover also features a one-piece tailgate for ease of dumping.

Model 560