Product Summary:

The Model 565, 565-C Trac Vac’s are designed especially for the intermediate frontrunner riding mower. Both units have the same engine assembly, the only difference is in the containers. 

The Model 565 has an eleven cubic foot cart, tapered to facilitate dumping and custom designed cart cover expands collection capacity to approximately 30 cubic feet.

Cover is manufactured from 20 Ga. galvanized steel, providing for years of rust free service. The cover also features a one-piece tailgate for ease of dumping.  

The Model 565-C has a 44 gallon Rubbermaid Brute container that can be removed easily for quick dumping anywhere: compost bin, pickup-truck, etc.

The spring loaded top assembly lifts quickly out of the way for time saving dumping. The louvered top directs air flow away from the operator.

Model 565