Product Summary:

The Trac Vac Model 655 is a semi-rigid mounted vacuum designed to mount to most mid-mount zero turn riders. The tractor specific hitch allows the unit to pivot up and down without allowing for side to side movement, making the unit act like an extension of your mower frame. The 655 is fully castered with large pneumatic tires for easy handling around trees, shrubbery, driveways and other obstacles.

      The 655 comes standard with an 8" intake to reduce the chances of clogging, and a 6" all steel exhaust hose. All steel construction on frame provides rugged durability. The twin 44-gallon Rubbermaid® containers are easily removed for quick dumping anywhere: trash pile, pick-up truck or composter, without having to double handle the debris. Trash bags can also be easily used inside containers for the convenience of curb side pickup.


Model 462