Product Summary:

The Trac Vac Discharge Shield is the right tool for the job. When your mowing the last thing you want to do is create more work by allowing grass clippings and debris to blow into landscape or paved areas. Raking and blowing cost you precious time now and in the future, when those seedlings take root where they don't belong.

Made from reinforced pvc, the Trac Vac Discharge Shield installs quickly and easily on most mid-mount, out-front, and walk-behind mowers.

Easily and safely operated, the Disharge Shield has four positions to direct and keep debris where you want it.


DS100 fits all standard applications.


DS200 for decks with vertical deflector tabs.


DS300 for curved deck applications.


DS400 for deck openings over 18".

DS500 for decks with vertical mount tabs and openings over 18".


DS600 for standard applications


DS700 for 72 inch decks.